Commenting on Care Wall Posts

Anyone in the Care Circle can comment on Care Wall posts, additionally anyone can reply to comments. 

What is commenting and replying?

Commenting is a way to continue the conversation on a Care Wall post without having to create a new post. For example, someone may post: "Mom had a great day today!". Other members are able to comment on the same post, for example: "That's great to hear!". A reply is just another level of commenting allowing you to reply to someone's comment. Below is the hierarchy: 

  • Care Wall Post
    • Comment
      • Reply

How do I comment and reply?

To comment on a post select "Comment" below the Care Wall post. To reply select "Reply" below the Care Wall post. 

How do I view comments and replies?

If there are any comments on a post there will be a link "Show Comments", select it to view the comments.